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25+ Years Of Racing, Winning & Camraderie 
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SCCA ~ NASA ~ Track Days

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A collection of cars we've renovated with passion


How Can I Go Racing?


Where Can You Get On Track With OPM

We race cars and have a blast!

OPM Attends races across the country under the Road Racing banners of SCCA (Sports Car Club Of America) and NASA Pro Racing.

We also do multiple track events with CHIN, David Murry and others fun low pressure high speed weekend that allow you to be on track in a fully prepped and safe race car with OPM

SCCA Link to search for events in your area

The SCCA is the largest member based racing organization in the 

Want to drive your car at speed on track? Learn more about car control? Push your precision driving and car control skills?  Race within inches at triple digit speeds?


SCCA offers automobile enthusiasts of all types - the casual, the hard core, the technical and the social opportunities for all levels of interest. 

NASA Pro Racing Link

NASA Pro Racing has another full series to get you on track!  With a national championship race each year at a different track across the country.  NASA provides a fun environment for the up and coming racing enthusiast.

Track Night In America!

In conjunction with the SCCA a new way that is exploding across the country!

You can run your street car in this and it is the most inexpensive way to get some serious track time on top tracks across the country!

Track Days we attend are below.  Check out their schedule and join OPM at an event near you!

David Murry Track Days

CHIN Track Days




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